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What is PXCL.eu

PXCL.eu is a project which aims to manage game servers and the accompanying website.
PXCL is an abbreviation of the name of the organization Phoenix Clan, under which auspices this project works.


* The project started 16/11/2009 by ordering Counter-Strike 1.6 private server for two months from HOSTIS.
* 20/11/2009 Unreal Tournament 2004 private server was purchased for two months.

After these two months of testing, there was a pause.
* 12/4/2010 another Counter-Strike 1.6 server was purchased for one month, for testing purposes.
* 19/5/2010 we first ordered Counter-Strike 1.6 public server and the pxcl.eu domain has been assigned to the project

as the most appropriate from all domains, which were owned by Phoenix Clan.
* 25/5/2010 czechoslovak web was first launched, running on PHP-Fusion.
* Followed by a period during which the number of servers and their slots were changing.
From this period we can speak about a success only with two servers Counter-Strike 1.6 (Paintball + DM and FUN | AIM / FY)
and one Left 4 Dead 2 server (COOP/SURVIVAL/VERSUS).
At the same time alternative hostings
were tested (sponsored dedicated server and few hostings which quickly disappeared),
which failed due to low quality or high price.
* However, over time the whole project began to decline and it was clear that it had to change.
There have been several unsuccessful attempts to improve the situation.
* 19/1/2011 first Team Fortress 2 server was ordered.
* 1/7/2011 - 4/9/2011 an event named "rebirth of pxcl.eu" took place, during which we moved to new CMS called WordPress,
and at the same time we began to write multilingual web. In addition each server had its settings tweaked.
* 1/1/2013 it was decided that as the main hosting will serve CREW.
* During the rest of 2013, servers were tweaked further and all settings were redesigned, so they can easily changed.
Also, this was the year when the project started covering its costs through advertising and sales of VIP (mainly through advertisements).
* 23/3/2014 new site was launched.

* 5/4/2014 mobile version of the site was added.
* 16/7/2014 all game and voice servers were moved to our own VPSs, due to CREWS lack of quality.
* 17/7/2014 site translation to 4 additional languages strated.

Written by Ferdinand "Defensor" Svitek (main administrator of PXCL.eu, leader of Phoenix_Clan).

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